My Staff

Michelle Flores

Michelle is my Office Manager and Surgical Coordinator. She oversees all aspects of the practice. She will answer all the administrative questions pertinent to surgery, will assign a surgical date and obtain prior authorizations for your surgery. She will make sure you schedule and complete pre-surgical screening and testing (this includes making sure we receive any outside clearances necessary such as cardiac/pulmonary etc). Michelle will fil out your disability forms and provide you with any letters that you may need (jury duty, gym and work exception letters, etc).

Rosemary Perallon

Rosemary has been my Medical Secretary and assistant for many years. She will schedule office appointments for new and established patients. Rosemary will also order xrays and special studies when needed. She has extensive knowledge on the different commercial insurance plans for which I am a provider and she will verify your benefits prior to your visit.

Lindsay Zuber

Lindsay is my Medical Assistant. She will greet patients coming to the office, review their medical history, allergies and medications; and will prepare them for their consultation with me. She will seek pre-authorization and schedule special studies and give patients follow-up appointments as necessary.

Maureen Barlow PA-C

Maureen is a Physician Assistant with whom I have been working for many years. She completed her training in Pittsburgh, PA where she also worked in the Orthopaedic Surgery department at UPMC. Maureen is my assistant in the office and in the operating room. While I strive to develop a personalized relationship with all my patients, Maureen is an extension of my care. You will see and speak with her during your initial visit and follow-up appointments. In clinic, Maureen also can provide continuity of care to patients who are not ready for surgery. While in the hospital, Maureen or I will see you to make sure that your recovery is uneventful. Both of us can answer medical questions pertinent to your current condition, surgery and post-operative care. Patients may also contact Maureen if they need a medication or physical therapy prescription.