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I highly recommend Dr. Della Valle; in fact two of the people have now had successful knee replacement surgery.

Dr. Della Valle has a professional yet personable bedside manner. He explained all the options to me, three in total, and then told me if I was a member of his family he would recommend I pursue one of those options.

I followed his advice, and he did a marvelous job as my surgeon. Within a month I was living life fully, without any pain. A few months later, I was trekking for gorillas among the steep hills and small mountains of Uganda with my new knee replacement—again without any pain.

Chris Kay

I was having pain in my right hip and right knee for many years. I was reluctant to address the situation because of a previous knee replacement (at a different hospital) that did not go well and put off a consultation until I could barely walk. I was advised to see Dr. Della Valle and his team to discuss the situation.

Dr. Della Valle listened carefully as I explained my history and fear of surgery and the possibility of a repeat incidence. His calm manner and detailed explanation of how he would handle my hip and knee problems helped put me at ease. He further advised me to correct the hip first and the knee second. The day of my hip replacement surgery went as planned and my overnight stay was excellent – the entire HSS staff was very attentive and helpful from “check-in to check-out”.

I was up and walking with a minimum of pain shortly after surgery and did not require much pain medication. Dr. Della Valle’s team set up home therapy for the first 2 weeks with a smooth transition to outpatient afterwards.

I would like to thank Dr. Della Valle for his professionalism, expertise, and compassion. Also thank you, Dr. Goman (Anesthesiologist) with your detailed explanation of the procedure and patience with my questions/concerns. Special thanks to Dr. Della Valle’s office staff for providing much appreciated detailed information regarding pre-op and post-op procedures and answering all my questions. I am 7 weeks post-op and walking well, without pain or a limp. Looking forward to part 2 – the knee replacement and really getting back to life again, without pain.

Karin DeCicco

I had hip replacement surgery at HSS in 2016. For some time I had been unable to walk even a half block without excessive pain. Thanks however to Dr. Della Valle’s wonderful skill and expertise, and that of his team, the outcome of my hip replacement continues to be excellent. I am now able to walk several miles pain-free. It was very important for me to have had thorough preparation for what to expect pre and post-surgery throughout the process, and Dr. Della Valle and staff were always available to resolve any issues with concern and competence.

Thank you Dr. Della Valle and everyone for your outstanding work. You have made such a positive difference in my life

Yvonne Wong

It was love at first sight. Well, that is going too far, but I knew pretty quickly that I wanted Dr. Della Valle to be my knee replacement surgeon. His experience and stats are clearly exceptional and that should be enough, but it was his quiet, friendly confidence that really won me over.

I would not be writing this review, however, if it were not for the actual surgery.

First, the pain has been minimal. i credit that to the entire team. Second, my recovery has been much faster than I had hoped for. I was walking without a walker within days and without a cane within two weeks. Third, I have strength and mobility that I have not had since I can remember. My balance and endurance are all much better. I no longer dread outings that involve walking or standing and I am only 7 weeks post surgery. This has to be all credited to Dr. Della Valle and his team. If you are reading this and trying to make the decision to have your knee replaced, I strongly urge you to consult (and go with) Dr. Delle Valle. I. couldn't be happier.

Joseph Dickson

I love my new hip! I just had full hip replacement surgery and I wish I had done it earlier. A couple of weeks before Dr Della Valle replaced my hip a work colleague told me that others he knew who had had hip replacement surgery confessed that they should have done it two years sooner. You can add me to the list! Four weeks after surgery I could walk 1.5 miles with no pain. Prior to my surgery Dr. Della Valle explained his preparation and approach. He explained that while X-Rays provide a good idea of my condition he would not know the crucial details until surgery. He described how he would be prepared with plans A, B & C and that he would implement the plan that would deliver the best outcome for me based on the conditions he found. Consequently, I felt very confident, relaxed and optimistic on the day of my surgery. My experience with Dr Della Valle has been excellent before, during and after surgery. At my initial appointment before surgery he took time to carefully and clearly describe why I had pain and limited movement in my right hip. On the morning of surgery, he thoroughly reviewed what was going to happen and graciously answered my wife’s questions. Post-surgery he visited me several times in my hospital room to describe how the surgery went, explain the recovery process and answer questions. I want to thank Dr. Della Valle for his professional expertise and comforting demeanor that quelled my fears. And a special thank you for my now pain free and mobile future. I would highly recommend Dr. Della Valle.

Christopher Wall

Over the past year my hip deteriorated to the point where I could barely walk. I could no longer sail my boat, ride my bike, or run around and play with my grandchildren. Three months ago Dr. Della Valle gave me a new hip - - and he gave me back my life. I can walk for miles, I can ride my bike, I can sail, and I can play with my grandchildren. All without pain and without even feeling that I have a brand new hip. I recommend to anyone who has found their hip pain is seriously impacting their lives that they go and see Dr. Della Valle. He will give you a thorough examination, explain your options clearly and completely, tell you just what you can expect and, should you chose him for your surgeon, give you a new hip and a new life. In addition to being an excellent surgeon, Dr. Della Valle is a warm compassionate physician. And his office staff follows in his lead. To a person they are all focused on making the process of getting a new hip as safe and stress free as possible. They respond to questions, get the information requested, and help with every step along the way.

James Gordon

Dr. Gonzalez Della Valle performed knee revision surgery on my left knee three years after my original knee replacement surgery that was performed by another orthopedist was causing me problems. I am finally able to walk pain free after suffering for all that time. He was able to assess the situation and and explain to me what needed to be done to make the problem better. I am so happy that I went ahead with the revision

Health Grades

Our experiences for total hip and knee replacements have been great. Dr. Della Valle is a great Surgeon and a better person, very human. Office service has also being very good, always on time. And HSS great!!


I couldn't believe the service and my surgery was successful now am in Therapy on my way to recovery this was a great experience and no regrets


Today was my first visit with Dr Della Valle after visiting with two other surgeons in NJ…..he is the surgeon for me….I cannot wait to get my hip replacement. Appointment was on time with very little wait…the Dr. spent as much time as I needed explaining options with me….I felt very relieved when I did not need both hips replaced as originally told, but only one. The office staff was friendly and efficient…great experience.


Extraordinary experience my husband made him knee replacement, on several occasions and was a success. Excellent Dr.


Dr. Della Valle was the third surgeon I interviewed in HSS for my hip replacement. I knew he was the one right away. He was calm, looked very confident, LISTENED TO ME, and did not rush. I had my surgery with him four months ago. I am a new man, playing 18 holes of golf twice a week. LOOK NO FURTHER.

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Thank you, thank you, thank you. Dr. Della Valle did arthroscopic surgery on my knee 6 weeks ago. Now, I am back to playing tennis in warm weather, and PAIN FREE! I cannot be happier. Excellent surgeon, hospital and staff.

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