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Preparing for Surgery

Thank you for choosing to have your surgery with Dr. Della Valle. In an effort to make this experience as easy and stress-free as possible we have organized some important information for you. Here is a useful checklist:


  • Schedule a surgical date (2 months in advance)
  • Medical clearance
  • Preoperative class
  • Postoperative visit

Scheduling a surgical date and insurance pre-authorization:

A date for surgery can be obtained through Dr. Della Valle’s surgical coordinator by calling the office at +1 (212) 774-7124 press “option number 2” when prompted. Please do not contact your insurance company for surgery pre-authorization. This often leads to confusion and denial of coverage. If you need a “procedure code” in order to find out your financial responsibility, we can provide it to you. The office will contact your insurance company for all necessary pre-authorizations.

Dr. Della Valle, the anesthesiologist and the hospital accept a different selection of insurance plans. This means you may have an insurance plan that Dr. Della Valle accepts but that the hospital or anesthesiologist may not accept, or vice versa. If you have questions about billing by the three parties (Dr. Della Valle, the anesthesiologist and the hospital), here are the telephone numbers you should call for billing and insurance questions:

  • Dr. Della Valle's fees: Please contact the surgical coordinator in the office or Dr. Della Valle's biller at PMI Medical Management at +1 (212) 774-2830
  • Anesthesiology fees: +1 (888) 877-3850
  • Hospital fees: +1 (212) 606-1772

Pre-surgical screening, testing and preoperative class:

In order to make sure that surgery can be safely performed; all patients undergo pre-surgical screening and testing in HSS within four weeks prior to surgery. We will help you schedule this preoperative requirement.

Pre-surgical screening and testing include:

  • Blood work
  • Electrocardiogram
  • New x-rays
  • Visit to one of our internists who will also see you while you are admitted in HSS after surgery.

In addition, patients undergoing total hip or total knee replacement or revision surgery will attend a mandatory preoperative class on the same day. The class will describe how to prepare for surgery, what to expect during your hospital stay, and the help you will need after leaving the hospital. This class is designed for total hip replacement patients so there will be several things that will not apply to our resurfacing patients. It is still helpful to attend the class and receive a brochure with useful information.

You can download the educational brochures that will be given to you in the class by clicking the following links:

Post Operative care:

After hip or knee replacement surgery, while you are still in HSS, you will be visited by a social worker (case manager or discharge coordinator) who will discuss your options for post-operative care. These services do not need to be booked by you in advance. While you are still in HSS, Dr. Della Valle will give you written postoperative instructions specific to your procedure. Most patients who undergo hip or knee replacement surgery return to the office for a postoperative checkup within 6 weeks of surgery.

Post Operative Equipment